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Quality Traffic vs Other Traffic

Everyone agrees that getting quality traffic for your advertising campaign is a winning solution,
but when it comes to budgeting an advertising campaign, numbers, such as monthly impressions, CPM rates etc. often put the question of traffic quality in the shade.

Let's compare what each traffic type has to offer:

Quality traffic brings visitors who:

Are interested in the website topic
Succeeded in finding the answer to the question in search on the landing page
Found the website useful and, therefore, are ready to stay and explore

Such visitors will notice your advertisement and consider its content.

Other traffic brings visitors who:

Might be interested in the website topic (if the traffic is totally artificial, and visitors find the website irrelevant, they�ll leave the site in less than 2 seconds).
Not necessarily found the answer on the landing page (may leave the site in 1-5 seconds).
Not necessarily found the site useful to continue browsing (will leave the site in 1-5 seconds).

Such visitors won�t notice your advertisement, giving you no real chance to introduce your products & services.

More is not always better

What can be better than getting as many impressions as possible at the lowest possible rate?
Getting it all at a good & reputable website which will deliver quality traffic.

Large well-established websites are known for their highly targeted quality traffic, but cost-wise this means you�ll be able to afford fewer banners. In return, however, you�ll get your ads in front of visitors who pay close attention to the content of the site; thus your ads will always be seen and considered.

With smaller websites you can afford to buy more banners, and you can also set up advertising on a greater number of websites, but the traffic there might be of a lesser quality (a larger percentage of visitors will represent a 1-5 seconds passing through traffic). Therefore, to achieve higher efficiency when working with such websites, the performance of each site should be constantly monitored.

So, the next time you spend and extra dollar on a better quality ad, you�ll know it'll bring quality traffic, not just any traffic for your advertising campaign.

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