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How does FXaa measure the quality of a Forex website?

To qualify, a website should:

- be about Forex trading
- contain unique content & bring value to readers
- be at least 2 years old
- have Google PR 2 or higher
- have Alexa ranking 400 000 or smaller*
- show monthly traffic of at least 30,000 pageviews.

* Exceptions apply for smaller, dedicated to specific Forex topics websites (for example, Elliott waves, Fibonacci trading etc)

What types of advertising do you offer?

FXaa sells pre-paid advertisements.

When considering a pre-paid advertisement, the CPM can be evaluated on the spot by calculating and comparing
the cost of an advertising campaign and the number of impressions received in 1 month.
CPM calculation formula = (Cost of advertising campaign / number of impressions) x 1000

Online CPM calculator

CPC, CPL & CPA advertisements are not available at FXaa.

What is the minimum advertising period?

The minimum advertising period varies from 2 weeks to 1 month depending on a website.

How do I get more information about the websites listed at FXaa?

Please contact us, and we'll be glad to answer all your questions and provide statistical, analytical and other information about Publishers' websites.


How to buy an advertisement?

In order to buy advertisements, please contact FXaa ([email protected]) and let us know:
- the websites you'd like to buy an advertisement on
- the ad spots you're interested in
- your preferred start date and duration of the campaign
- an estimated total (USD)

As soon as you do so, we confirm the availability of the ad spot(s) with Publishers,
make a reservation for a requested period and send you the invoice — the whole process takes 1-3 business days.

What are the fees for Advertisers at FXaa?

Advertisers pay no fees for buying advertisements via Fxaa or using other FXaa services.

When does my advertising campaign go live?

An advertisement campaign goes live as soon the following requirements are met:

- a banner is sent to FXaa for an editorial review, where we check and confirm: banner dimensions, file size, overall quality of a banner and its content.
- a payment is received by FXaa, or a confirmation of a recently made payment is provided.

Once my advertisement is online, can I change or cancel it?

Yes, you can change your advertisement within the purchased ad spot any time.
Your new advertisement will require the same editorial review procedure, after that it'll replace the previous ad.
The process of updating an advertisement takes 1-3 business.

You can also request to cancel your advertising campaign.
Upon your request it'll be either stopped permanently, or paused with the possibility of re-starting later.

Can I book an advertising spot with FXaa?

Advertisers can book ad spots with FXaa for up to 6 months in advance. The booking of the ad spots is free.
To book an advertising spot, please contact FXaa ([email protected]) to confirm availability of the spot(s) and make a reservation.

What payment methods are supported:

We support:
- Bank wire
- Paypal (up to $300)

What guarantees can FXaa provide to Advertisers?

We regularly monitor Publishers' websites to ensure that the quality of the websites stays high.

Please review details about requirements we set for Publisher websites under Publisher Agreement. Warranties.

Additionally, should we find that a Publisher failed to display advertisements properly during an advertising period for any reason, we allow 1 month for a Publisher to recover and provide the services. In case there are no results delivered within 1 month, the funds will be returned to the Advertiser.


Ho to become a Publisher at FXaa?

To become a Publisher at FXaa, please:

1. Tell us about your website by submitting a listing request to [email protected] with the following details:
- website URL
- short description of your website
- how many pageviews and unique visitors your website receives monthly
- what advertising spots would you like to sell via FXaa (please provide an example or list all spots while indicating banner sizes as well as price; alternatively, provide a link to your advertisement page).

2. Please review the Publisher Agreement and make sure your website complies with the rules.

3. Be ready to respond to our requests within 3 business days while we review your application,
and further should your website join the FXaa Publishers network, please allow no more than 3 days to respond to all FXaa requests.

How many websites can a Publisher add?

There are no limits for the number of a website a Publisher can list with FXaa.

What are the fees for selling ads with FXaa?

Publishers pay 10% commission for all advertisements sold via FXaa.

When does a Publisher get paid?

FXaa sends payments to Publishers during the last week of each advertising month, unless other terms are required by the Advertiser, which will be outlined in advance in the Advertising contract.

Publisher can instruct FXaa to hold the payment till it reaches a certain amount in order to save on transfer fees.

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