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A gateway to quality Forex advertisements

Do you own a quality Forex website that deserves Advertisers' attention?

We can help to get your website noticed

- by listing your advertising inventory in front of thousands of potential Advertisers

- allowing you to compare and compete with other Publishers via an open inventory listing

- letting you earn higher profits by listing several Forex websites

Are there any obligations that come with that?

Being a Publisher at FXaa is rather a privilege: your earning potentials are never limited or held back when you become FXaa partner.

You are not prohibited from talking to Advertisers directly if they choose to do so, or continue selling ads without our help, even including the inventory you've listed with FXaa.

If an Advertiser opts to work with you directly, you are not obliged to pay a commission to FXaa, but you're welcome to reward us if we did well.

Your only obligation is to be able to respond to all our inquiries within 3 business days, and, once you sell an advertisement with our help, make sure to deliver promised results.

How much does it cost?

The listing at FXaa is free.

When you sell an advertisement with FXaa, you pay us 10% commission, and cover the cost of the money transfer to your account, where the cost varies for different payment methods.

How to qualify for a listing?

Your website should:

- be about Forex trading
- contain unique content & bring value to readers
- be at least 2 years old
- have Google PR 2 or higher
- have Alexa ranking 400 000 or less*
- show monthly traffic of at least 30,000 pageviews.
* Exceptions apply for smaller, shaped around a specific subject websites (for example, Elliott waves, Fibonacci trading etc)

Is my listing at FXaa permanent?

FXaa reserves the right to keep or remove the listing of a website at any time while informing a Publisher about the decision.
As a rule, if a Publisher sells no ads via FXaa for 5 months or longer, the listing of Publisher's website(s) at FXaa will be reviewed.

View additional terms & conditions at the Publisher Agreement

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